Explore UK In 7 Days Using One Brit Rail Pass


The great thing about the United Kingdom is that its major cities are relatively close to each other, making it the perfect destination for a week-long holiday! With over 2,500 stations servicing under the BritRail Pass, travellers are given the freedom to see as much of Britain as they want, and at their own pace. Not only is train travel incredibly efficient in Britain, it also offers amazing scenery that will leave any traveller in awe of the country’s beauty!

What is a BritRail Pass?


The BritRail Pass is a range of railway passes that allow passengers to travel throughout England, Scotland, and Wales. This pass is also applicable to use for any National Rail Network services within the bounds of the specific BritRail Pass purchased. For seamless travels, the BritRail Pass is also accepted on all airport transits, such as the Heathrow Express, Gatwick Express, and Stansted Express.

The BritRail Pass is also valid for use in sleeper or night trains such as Caledonian and Night Riviera. These sleeper trains are perfect for getting the most of your journey while saving big on accommodation funds!.

Travellers coming into Great Britain will surely get the value for their money with the BritRail pass. So if you’re planning on seeing more of Britain apart from London and its neighbouring cities, the BritRail Pass is definitely the most cost-efficient choice! Not only will you have the liberty to travel at your own pace, but you can also make the most out of your stay in UK.

Consecutive or Flexipass BritRail Pass

All BritRail passes are available in a variety of durations to fit any itinerary. Passengers who are traveling continuously for several days can avail of the Consecutive Pass, which allows 3 days to 1 month of consecutive travel.

For a more flexible option, passengers can opt to purchase the Flexipass, which allows 3 days to 15 travel days within one month. This is perfect for more spontaneous or relaxed trips!