India is one of the key markets for European Tourism. With over 10 million Indians flocking to Europe each year,  the number is expected to increase to 15 million by 2020, according to a report. And in an effort to increase tourism, EU has relaxed its visa procedures too. Now, Indian travellers need not struggle to get a visa and can absolutely plan their trip hassle-free, just like planning an itinerary on Klook!

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Visa Type

If you wish to plan a European itinerary, you have to apply for a short-term Schengen tourist visa, which is generally of two types—Type A and Type C. Depending on the kind of visa you’re applying for, you will be granted access to a single country or multiple countries.

So, in case you get yourself a EURail Pass to travel from France to Switzerland and from then from Switzerland to Italy, you need to apply to the embassy/consulate of the country you will be staying for the longest period of time.

Submission of Visa Application

Once the appointment is fixed, you have to attend the interview in person. Make sure you take some time to sort out all the necessary documents including the filled-out application form by the scheduled time of appointment. Answer all the questions regarding your trip and purpose confidently to ensure a successful application.

During the interview you will be asked questions about your trip and purpose. Ensure that you have everything in place.